GPS Navigation for Dummies

About the Maylong Group and Maylong GPS Product

Headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan, the Maylong Group LLC is one of the emerging leaders in connected and mobile computing technologies. Its business strategy is focused on developing and marketing digital products - including personal GPS navigation systems, mobile entertainment devices, and digital home electronics - as well as delivering value-added services through those platforms by efficiently leveraging the global resources.

Maylong Group is the exclusive licensee of the For Dummies® brand for developing and marketing the GPS navigation product for the global market. Currently, Maylong offers 7 GPS models through a variety of retail channels in North America market. Maylong sees great opportunities of expanding its current For Dummies® GPS navigation product to other regions and integrating more converging technologies into its product. GPS navigation For Dummies software product will be available for iPhone, Google phone and Windows Mobile based GPS phone soon.


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Maylong is looking for strategic business partners for marketing and distributing the For Dummies GPS Navigation product to the global market. Maylong's GPS Navigation For Dummies product has been launched in Australia and South Africa market. Currently, Maylong is concentrating on product and market development in Europe, China, and South America.


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